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What To Expect / Connect / Next Steps


When you arrive for a worship service at St John Nottingham you will immediately note the friendly disciples who will be happy to greet you. So will our Pastor, Deacon, staff and most everyone in our SJN family, many who are second-and third-generation members.


Need help finding the sanctuary?… Bible class?… Children's Sunday School?... the Nursery… or wherever else you need to go… someone will be glad to point you the right way!


If you’re visiting for the first time WELCOME and don’t forget to pick up a visitors packet from the greeter.

What To Expect


At St John Nottingham, you’re not treated as an outsider if you’re not a member. You’ll be welcomed to worship with us and invited to get involved in our activities without feeling pressured to become a member.


Come and meet other people just like you, who make up numerous social, support and ministry groups.


The best way to get involved is to connect with our Pastor or Deacon.


It’s up to you… and of course, God. But here are some options:

  • Join us for worship this weekend
  • Explore the Lutheran Faith with Pastor Marcis
  • Participate in our weekly Bible study
  • Learn more about our ministry groups
  • Help others by volunteering at St John Church or School, or in our community at the Food Pantry


For more information contact Pastor Marcis or Deacon Ron 216-513-1156

What To Expect

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