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Apart from traditional sports such as basketball and volleyball we are pleased to announce some new EC's this year:

Cheerleading (6-8), Lower Department Chimes Choir, Yearbook Club, Track, and other extracurriculars are back!


Additional details will be forthcoming.

The 6 through 8 Religion curriculum has undergone changes. SJN has identified the need to change the way Religion is taught. Numerous incoming students have little to no faith background and as such the curriculum needs to facilitate this. Students in grades 6 tjough 8 will be sorted into Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced Religion classes depending on where their current knowledge base on the Christian faith is. This is a BIG change to how we have been doing things, and we do not anticipate an “Advanced” class this year, but we do next year! The Basic Religion classes will be taught by Pastor Rollins, and the Intermediate class will be taught by Principal Peck.


Several of the SJN School policies have changed in order to provide safety for students and staff along with creating a better learning environment in the classroom:


  • Cell Phones and Smart Watches
  • Dress Code
  • Disciplinary Consequence System
  • Positive Behavioral Referrals

For detailed information on these new policies, please refer to the Student Handbook


Mrs.Sieger has moved from the 3rd grade to the Kindergarten room! We look forward to Mrs. Sieger delivering that great, quality kindergarten program that is so very important to a child’s beginning. Mrs. Sieger has many years of kindergarten experience, and a reading certification as well, so we’re expecting big things this year!

Mrs. Streb has made the leap from middle to elementary this year, heading over to take over the 3rd grade classroom. She’ll be bringing her own style of energy and enthusiasm and we think it’s a great fit!




SJN School is continuing its focus on the Christian faith, along with Christian attitude and behavior. To help accomplish this our pastors remain directly involved in Religion classes for grades 6-8.
In addition, following a successful introduction to grades 3-5 last year, we are introducing students in grades K-2 to Bible RePlay Curriculum! It is upbeat, engaging, and touches on all of the senses for learning using both audio and visual presentation. Check out the video!



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