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Principal's Welcome

Dave PeckThank you for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit us here at St. John Nottingham. Now, a website is just a website and can't begin to really tell you all I want you to know about this wonderful school. I don't have the time and I doubt we have the storage space to handle it!

But let me give you the nutshell version. St. John Nottingham Lutheran School is a special place. Founded in 1892 in what was then the tiny little village of Nottingham, Ohio, the Lord has blessed us with 125 continuous years of educational ministry in North East Ohio! I first came to SJN as a wet-behind-the-ears teacher 17 years ago, and this is more than just a school to me. It's where I really learned to be a teacher. Oh, I learned the theory and the philosophy and the techniques up at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, but it was here, in the classrooms of St John Nottingham that I learned how to teach, that I learned how to put students first, that I learned how to faithfully and carefully cultivate education in each individual student, regardless of what level they might be on. It's where I learned how to roll up my sleeves and get to work serving the Lord and His children. SJN is my home.

I take my role now as Principal very, very seriously. My job is to make sure that every teacher has the resources, support, and training they need to do their job, and that every student likewise has the resources, support, and opportunities to grow, learn, and excel. When you send your child to SJN, you can be absolutely confident that every moment of my, and my staff's time, here at school will be dedicated to just that. (And quite a bit of their time at home, too! Teaching is not a 9-to-5 job, and that's another thing I learned at SJN.)

We have truly been blessed here at St. John Nottingham, and I encourage you to come and visit us and see what 125 years of dedicated Christian education looks like up close. Call us at the office and set up an appointment for a tour! (216-531-8204) But hurry, classes are filling up even as you read this!

Serving you in His name,

David T. Peck, Principal

Why Attend St John Nottingham School

Christ centered environment
Competitive athletic teams
Quality education to enable you student to succeed in high school and beyond
Male and female teachers
Multi-cultural learning environment
New and updated textbooks every year
2 14+ station computer labs, 2 mobile laptop and tablet carts, and Internet accessible computers in each classroom, both building are wireless
Fully accredited and licensed faculty and staff
Student to Teacher ratio 16:1
Fine arts program includes: choir, chimes, and band
Weekly chapel service as a St. John Family provide an opportunity to give thanks and glorify God
Member of the Cleveland Scholarship Program (Voucher) and Ohio EdChoice

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